Miguel Jordan



https://jordan-air.net/ (online resume and highlights)





I am an experienced software developer (25+ years) with a proven track record developing clean, robust code with rapid development cycles, as well as learning new technologies and applying them quickly.




Bsquare, Inc.                       Senior Software Engineer           Jan, 2016 – Current


Senior developer on customer solutions team, working with the Bsquare DataV product to deliver cloud based IoT and data analytics solutions.



Bsquare, Inc.                       Senior Software Engineer           Aug, 2008 – Dec. 2015


Senior developer working on the Ford SYNCII infotainment system (also known as MyFord Touch), first for Bsquare, later as a vendor for Microsoft, finally for Elektrobit.



Claria, Inc.                            Senior Software Engineer           Nov, 2000 – May, 2008


Senior developer in an internet advertising startup.  Client/server programming on Windows and Debian Linux.  Designed/developed/maintained numerous critical technologies and systems.



CrystalGraphics, Inc.        Senior Software Engineer           July, 1994 - Nov, 2000


Senior developer in a very small company (~15 employees) that specialized in consumer/business user 3D interactive software.


·         Designed/implemented user interface for an easy to use 3D-modeling/rendering program called Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro (Win32)

·         Added real time rendering support to entire product line (OpenGL, Direct3D)

·         Designed/implemented Crystal 3D Vortex, a plug-in for Adobe Premiere.  This program allows video editors to add high quality 3D transitions to their digital video productions.

·         Designed/implemented PowerPlugs: Transitions and PowerPlugs: 3D Titles, two plug-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint 97 which allow business users to add 3D transitions and titles to their business presentations

·         See https://www.crystalgraphics.com for more info on most of these products.



Personal Projects


See https://jordan-air.net/ for more information/screenshots/videos.


Cuboingo (2004/2015) – Developed a Windows Direct3D/OpenGL (C++) computer game.  This was a 3D puzzle game, sort of like a 3D version of Tetris.  Recently updated this as a game for Android and modern Windows.


MigRender – Developed a ray tracing engine (C++) that includes advanced ray tracing features such as reflections and shadows, as well as many forms of texture mapping.  Integrated the engine into a web site that performs ray tracing of 3D text in a web browser via an Apache mod_c plug-in, later converted into an IIS extension DLL.  Also embedded the rendering engine into mobile apps that run on Android and modern Windows using NDKs.


Airport Weather – Service written using Google’s AppEngine (Java) to aggregate and expose historical airport weather via mobile viewing apps on Android and modern Windows.





BS, Computer Science (June 1994)

California Institute of Technology