What is MigRender?

The core of this project is a ray tracer that I wrote in fairly portable C++. It supports fairly advanced rendering features such as phong shading, texture/reflection mapping, bump mapping, shadows, etc. Over time this core has been compiled into various implementations.

The earliest was an Apache mod_C plug-in for rendering 3D images in a web page. The server would receive parameters from a web page and spit out a JPEG rendered image. Parameters included a simple text string, material type, background and lighting styles.

I briefly wrote a Windows based UI using C# and XAML, but never developed that beyond a basic prototype.

Most recently I wrote some mobile versions using various presentation languages that would link to the compiled core. Currently these are an Android version as well as a Windows universal version (Windows and Windows Phone).


Windows (UWP) Screenshots

Android Screenshots


Coming "soon", animation...